Posted in February 2014

Soak up the Sun

{the Fit} Fendi sweater, American Apparel velvet skirt, boots c/o Clarks, Loeffler Randall bag

Apologies I have been neglectful the past few weeks, life has gotten in the way of shooting outfits. And… to be honest, I have pretty much been living in leggings, giant sweaters and snow boots trying to fight out this polar vortex. (Pretty sure I’m losing.)

This Fit was clearly taken months ago when the sun was still shining its glorious warmth on Chicago. Where in the hell are you now Sun?

But the best thing about this Fit was that it was featured on Instyle during New York Fashion Week this last Fall. Yeah, Louise Roe called me out by name, score! Like triple, quadruple score! Since it’s so close to NYFW again, I thought I’d share this post finally.

Sorry guys, I looked all over but couldn’t find a clip of the video. Just imagine Louise Roe saying “Sierra Widmer-Rodriguez from Style on the Line” in the most elegant English accent there ever was… ahhhh.

Special thanks to Mithya from Pinterest for featuring me with Instyle on this look and one other! :)

Photos by Sarah Scott